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Thursday, 23 June 2011

How to get Image URL?

There a various way in order to find image code or image URL. So, im gonna show you 3 steps.

Using google.

1.Go to
2.Click images, and search the image that you want.
3.Now, choose the image that you like to and right click and choose COPY IMAGE URL.
***It is working when you're using google chrome.

Using photobucket.

1.Go to
2.Search any image that you want.

3.Now, choose the image that you like to. Once the image appear on the screen, find the code beside the image. It is necessary to choose the code that i've rounded below.(direct link )

4.Now, copy the code.

Using blogspot.

1.Login to your blogspot, and follow the instruction below.

2.Now, click the picture and upload the image that you want.

3.Click add selected.
4. Once the picture appear, right click 'on' the image and choose Copy Image URL.


  1. oh thanks baby ! will try later :)

  2. hee... wokey2... n also... lupa gtau yg klu gna blogspot jan lupa save as draft. kalau delete tuu pic , ndak bleh...:) sebab error nnt.


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